How to Choose the Right Company for Your Corporate Housing Needs

There are many corporate housing companies, and finding the right one for you can be a daunting task, but it is worth the effort. There are some factors that you’ll find it is important to keep in mind when determining which company is best for you: is the company well established, with a good reputation? Do they have a staff with knowledge about the area in which you’ll be staying? Do they offer accommodations within your budget? At the end of the day, you want a company that will make your stay as stress free as possible that provide a service that is beyond compare.

Basic requirements

Whether you’re working with property owners, property managers or corporate housing companies to find accommodations, your basic requirement of having a landlord who provides great tenant support cannot be overstated. Companies who provide maid services as an option, complete furniture packages and the items that you require in a home are also important to locate when traveling for long periods. If you have special requirements about floor level, bed sizes, or accessibility needs, make sure the company you choose is able to accommodate your needs.

Location and price

Of course, you will also be interested in the price and location of the community where you’ll be staying. You will likely be working with a budget, so keep that in mind as you review your options.

If location is not a top priority for you, you may be able to find less expensive housing in an outlying area because the location is in less demand, likewise, if you need a central location, be prepared to pay more for the prime real estate.

Flexibility and client service

Without a doubt, stellar customer service is a must-have wherever you choose to live. You also want some degree of flexibility regarding the amenities and services that will be provided to you. Is there a security deposit that should be paid? Should the provider invoice you or directly invoice your company? How and when do they accept payments?

If you’re carrying a pet along, are they pet-friendly? Find out if the services you need are available e.g. internet access, free and secure parking, furniture, appliances and utensils. Weighing all of these variables, narrow down your list of ideal corporate housing companies until you have the one that offers the best quality of service with available housing that is the best fit for your specific needs.